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Food Angels have put together three standard menus. However, if they are not entirely to your taste then take a look at salad, main course and dessert options and we will be happy to discuss alternative ideas with you.
  Mon - Fri (minimum order 12) Sat - Sun (minimum order 12)
Gold £17 £19
Silver £15 £17
Bronze £13 £15
Salad options Main course options Dessert options


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Shredded duck and mangetout salad with spicy plum dressing
Chicken breast with asparagus, leaf spinach & cherry tomatoes tossed
in a light lemon zest mayonnaise
Herbed salmon fillets served on a bed of baby leaf spinach
Grilled peppers stuffed with tomatoes, mozzarella, olive and basil


New potatoes with rocket and parmesan shavings
Seasonal mixed leaf salad
Choice of 2 additional salads from list


Freshly baked bread rolls and butter



Layered Chocolate Meringue Indulgence
Zesty lime cheesecake

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Platter of Gravadlax (cured salmon) with a dill sauce
Sliced chicken breast with tarragon and grapes
Honey baked ham with a selection of mustards
Tomato, feta & black olive tart


New potatoes with fresh herb vinaigrette
Seasonal mixed leaf salad
Choice of 2 additional salads from list


Freshly baked bread rolls and butter


Chocolate & almond cheesecake
Caramelised oranges with Greek yoghurt

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Spinach roulade with smoked salmon,
cream cheese and dill
Chicken Caesar – sliced chicken breast with a

Caesar dressing,
crispy bacon and parmesan shavings
Stuffed roasted peppers with spicy couscous,
vegetables and feta cheese


New potatoes with wholegrain mustard and
lemon zest dressing
Seasonal mixed leaf salad
Choice of 1 additional salad from list


Freshly baked bread rolls and butter


Pavlova with whipped cream & seasonal fruit
French chocolate torte

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Salad options

Greek-inspired roasted potato salad with feta cheese
and olives

Sliced tomatoes with parmesan shavings and pine nuts
Sliced tomatoes with mozzarella, olives and basil
Sliced tomatoes with balsamic dressing and basil
Sliced tomatoes with feta cheese and black olives

Pesto rice salad with pinenuts and parmesan
Wild rice salad with feta cheese and spring onions

Grains & Pulses
Couscous with roasted Mediterranean vegetables
and spicy Harissa dressing
Bulghur wheat salad with apricots and pine nuts
Lentils with artichoke hearts, egg and capers

Shavings of courgette and carrot tossed in a herb vinaigrette
Marinated sliced mushrooms with walnuts and balsamic dressing
Shavings of cucumber with mint and lemon oil dressing
Green beans with grain mustard and almounds
Sliced orange salad with olives and red onion

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Main course options

Sliced fillet of pork with tuna sauce and capers
Honey roast ham with a selection of mustards
Thinly sliced beef fillet with a horseradish cream**
Antipasti platter of Italian cured meats
with mozzarella and olives**

Sliced chicken breast with sundried tomatoes and pinenuts
Chicken terrine with pistachio nuts and marjoram*

Pink and white layered fish terrine**
Tuna terrine with crusty bread
Whole poached salmon*
Seared fresh tuna with green peppercorns**

Aubergine rolls stuffed with feta cheese and mint
Spinach roulade with cream cheese, sun-dried
tomatoes and olives
Courgette and mint frittata
Slow roasted tomato, mozzarella and basil stacks

* For orders of 15+ people
** Supplementary charge applies

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Baked honey and cinnamon cheesecake
Fresh fruit pavlova
French chocolate torte
Moist orange layer cake
Chocolate and cherry Amaretti tart
Chocolate cheesecake
Pavlova with whipped cream & seasonal fruit
Pecan Tart
Chocolate & almond cheesecake
Zesty lime cheesecake

Layered Chocolate Meringue Indulgence
Caramelised orange slices with Greek yoghurt
Vanilla cream terrine with mixed berry coulis
Fresh fruit salad with whipped cream

English cheese platter with biscuits
Continental cheese platter with biscuits

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Tea £1.25 per person
Coffee £1.25 per person
A selection of fruit juices
(orange, apple, cranberry) £0.75 per person
Mineral water – sparkling or still £0.75 per person
Elderflower pressé £3.75 per bottle

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