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4 canapés per person £3.50
6 canapés per person £4.95


  • Mini tartlets with caramelised red onion and feta (V)
  • Blinis topped with smoked salmon
  • Mini scones with goats cheese and sun-dried tomato (V)
  • Bruschetta with hummus and pinenuts (V) (N)
  • Cucumber cups with prawns and caviar
  • King prawns with mangetout and lemon mayonnaise
  • Mini tartlets with spinach, blue cheese and pinenuts (V) (N)
  • Grilled pita triangles topped with tapenade (V)
  • Savoury filled mini croissants
  • Baby roasted potatoes topped with crème fraiche and caviar
  • Mini scones with blue cheese and walnuts (V) (N)
  • Rolled crêpes with smoked ham and tarragon
  • Spinach roulade with cream cheese and smoked salmon (G)
  • Blinis topped with red onion confit and crème fraiche (V)
  • Mini Yorkshire puddings with rare beef and horseradish

  • Pumpernickel with prawns mayonnaise
  • Crostini topped with pea puree & feta (V)
  • Bruschetta with brie & grape (V)
  • Asparagus bundles wrapped with parma ham
  • Mini roast potatoes topped with cream cheese & crispy bacon
  • Crostini topped with smoked salmon pate & dill
  • Skewered cherry tomato, mozzarella & basil (V)
  • Mini puff pastry triangles topped with roasted peppers & feta (V)


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